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Custom Design Doors

What type of doors would suit your room? Let us create just the right set of doors for you.

We make the doors to fit your space!

We have a reputation for attention to detail and finding solutions for even the most unique challenges.

Contact us today to let us know what you need. We can arrange to meet with you to discuss designs and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are top of the range — very stylish!

Melteca Doors

Melteca doors complement any style. You choose the colour.

Mirror Doors

Mirror doors help enlarge the area!

MDF Doors

MDF doors are available in unpainted plain panel, or a groove designed to suit your preference and fit your space.

Custom Designed Doors

What type of doors would suit your room? Let us create just the right set of doors for you.


Do you have an idea for furniture or storage that would make life easier? Or have a part of your space that’s driving you crazy? Give us a call — we can figure it out for you.

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